Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tonight I was on the Etsy Time Machine 2 and I came across this Store.

The cuff links caught my eye- Now I don't wear cuff links so I have no idea why these stood out so much to me but *IF* I ever find myself in a position to NEED them, this is my first stop.

This ring is amazing- I love how she looks like a ghost.

This shop has some lovely things- Take a moment and check it out, I am sure you will find something that catches your eye too~!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HOT Plus sized Swimwear

Tonight, I saw this shop on Etsy.

I may never have the guts to wear a bikini but if I ever do, I am so grabbing myself one of those Leopard print bikinis.

Look at the awesome stuff this seller has- HOT!

This blog is inspired by this past weekend.
I am a fat girl and every year, I avoid shopping for a bathing suit.
To me, it is probably one of the most depressing items I have to buy- for some reason, plus sized swim wear in stores looks like something Granny would wear on a cruise ship to Mexico with her senior citizen group.
I never walk past a bathing suit rack and see something I like so I just avoid it entirely.

I own 2 swimsuits.
Both are black. (of course)
One I got about 10 years ago online (new) and it is hideous. I hate gold and it has gold clasps.
The other one, I found on a clearance rack in some mall department store about 8 years ago- it has a skirt in front only (????) but it was black and in my size so I decided that I could not be picky.

Which brings me to this past weekend.
Me and my boyfriend went away for the night on a little get-a-way.
Since we live in Southern California, It was not to cold so we went for a night time dip in the jacuzzi.
I had to wear one of the bathing suits.
Now, i felt very self concious in it but he said it was cute and looked like an "old timey bathing suit" which is fine because I adore vintage.
But just once, I want to look drop dead goregeous in my suit!

Friday, August 28, 2009

PETA emailed me (about the FAT campaign)

It starts off as a thinly veiled apology "form letter" and ends with them offering me their Vegetarian starter kit.

PETA, screw off.

Below is their email and below that is my reply.

ignore my typos. (oops)

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your recent blog comment and for sharing your thoughts on PETA’s “Save the Whales, Lose the Blubber” billboard. We apologize for any offense we may have caused; that was not our intent. Please read on to learn how we are moving forward.

The original billboard is being replaced with one that says “GONE. Just Like All the Pounds Lost by People Who Go Vegetarian.” It has no provocative artwork, and it stands as a tribute to the people who contacted us after seeing the first billboard and have taken our 30-day Pledge to Be Veg ( or are trying a meat- and dairy-free diet in their own way. As one woman wrote, “I have tried Atkins, Fatkins and everything else in the book, but no one ever suggested a vegetarian diet. Now that I’ve seen the research, count me in!”

We agree that a world where self-esteem is unrelated to body size would be a wonderful place, but we also know that most people feel depressed and embarrassed about their weight and often need some tough love. Our aim was not to insult people who are overweight but to get people talking—and then persuade them to make a simple, positive change for their health. We have heard from people who were offended by our message, and we have been yelled at on talk shows, but we have also heard from overweight people who expressed support for our tactics, including some women whose vegetarian weight-loss journeys we plan to chronicle on our Web site.

While this billboard has caused some people to “shoot the messenger,” it has also created a great debate about the message: that people are eating themselves to death. Americans now eat more than 1 million animals an hour—animals who are raised and killed in appallingly cruel conditions. Something drastic must be done to shake up society’s complacent acceptance of the national obesity epidemic, and we want people to know that they have options: Pills and procedures are not the solution. The human illnesses and animal suffering that a meat-heavy diet causes are completely unnecessary: a pure vegetarian diet is the optimum diet.

We take obesity very seriously indeed, which is why we think it would be cruel not to tell people about how, by going vegetarian, they can help themselves, animals, and the Earth. If change is going to come, someone must stir things up. PETA won’t shy away from doing so. Unless they are truly among the few with an irreversible medical condition, there is no reason for people to be carrying around extra weight. By encouraging people who want to lose weight to go vegetarian instead of resorting to unhealthy fad diets, we hope to offer them a choice that the multimillion-dollar diet industry won’t give them: a long-term strategy for maintaining a healthy weight.

Research has shown that higher body mass index is associated with a greater risk of premature death from all causes. For example, according to the American Heart Association, obesity contributes to heart disease, America’s number one cause of death. The American Dietetic Association says that vegetarians have lower rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity than meat-eaters do. Reputable studies have shown that fad “weight loss” diets don’t work long-term—but going vegetarian does. Studies published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the New England Journal of Medicine have found that vegetarians are far less likely to be overweight than meat eaters are. Obesity is an epidemic, not something that children should grow up accepting as perfectly normal. We want a healthy, humane world, and we think everyone else does too.

All this said, certainly not every single vegetarian is at a healthy weight, as some have suggested our billboard implies. However, there are many more meat-eaters who are obese and unhealthy. For most people, eating low-fat vegetarian meals is an effective way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. But weight loss isn’t the only reason to try a vegetarian diet; we also promote going vegetarian as a great way to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of the top killer diseases. For most people, a low-fat vegetarian diet is an effective prevention strategy.

PETA promotes healthy vegetarian living in many ways, including distributing free copies of our “Vegetarian Starter Kit,” hosting free public food tastings, offering meal plans and thousands of meat-free recipes at, and educating people about the meat industry’s disregard for animal welfare ( and its devastating effect on the environment (

To read more about how obesity can be addressed by going vegetarian, please go to To read vegetarian weight-loss success stories, please visit You can order a free “Vegetarian Starter Kit” for yourself or a friend at to learn even more.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and for giving us the opportunity to share ours. Not everyone can agree on everything in this world, and, again, if you were offended, we regret that.


Jennifer Cierlitsky

PETA Foundation

Dear Jennifer,

I am speechless.

You ad campaign was not only hurtful to a group of people but it is mis-information.

Where shall I begin?

First off, people will not loose weight simply by becoming "Vegetarian". Vegetarian's can eat cheese. Vegetarian's can also have all kinds of dairy if they choose. These things cause people to be fat. Cheese is often times a "substitue" for meat in resturaunts and in vegetarian friendly recipes. Over the course of time, all the cheese will pack on the pounds. I should know, I am a vegetarian and I am fat!

Second off, how is your ad any different from racism? you single out a group of people and publically, on a billboard no less, called them a derogitory name. If you had called a black person a "N_ _ _ _ _" it would not have been tolerated, so why should fat hate?

Offense was not your intent? you are lying. Your organization has stated in multiple places that that WAS the intent.

"mock shock over a billboard pointing out that the majority of fat people need to have some discipline and remember that being fat means being a bad role model to our children"

That quote was taken off your blog. Teaching your children hate towards a group of people is okay though, right?

Up until I saw this billboard, I listened to PETA when PETA members approached me. I love animals. But no more, your organization has proven that you will resort to ANYTHING in order to get your point across. Did you know that PETA has FAT supporters? Way to support those that back your cause.

And you have the NERVE to offer me a vegetarian pack. So you did not really right me to apoligize. You just wanted to further promote your cause in a thinly veiled apology. nice. reall classy. i will be sure to pass this info along to everyone who has been following me disagreeing with you.

Maybe your "New" billboard should be changed to say VEGAN. Or oose weight by being a Vegetarian who eats no cheese.

YES, America is fat. No one will dispute that. But your tatctics on changing America are absurd.

attached is my protest image to your billboard. I am proud to show off my back fat and i will keep eating cheese and being a fat America Vegetarian.

Creepy Gothic Dolls

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PETA, you keep pissing me off....

Peta's Blog has a new post.

The second paragraph brings up the billboard I ranted about in my previous blog post.

"the fat hit the pan over PETA's pro-vegetarian billboard "

I see the fat hate continues.

"mock shock over a billboard pointing out that the majority of fat people need to have some discipline and remember that being fat means being a bad role model to our children"

EXCUSE ME? Teaching your children to hate FAT PEOPLE is a good thing then? What about you Peta Supporting Moms and Dads that supported this billboard. You are teaching your children that you are more superior than someone else just because of weight. That's ok?

"The rest of the obese people hiding behind them are obese because they shovel in food and haven't a clue (or don't want to have a clue) about a healthy diet"

You have no clue what "whales" eat. Again, you are making fat people a steriotype. You think that all fat people sit on the couch watching soap operas and shoveling in bon bons and licorice, right?

"They haven't listened to or perhaps haven't heard the polite admonitions from health experts (real ones) urging them to eat their fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts and beans."

Again, how the hell do you know what us "whales" eat?

" PETA's billboard was fueled by a healthy respect for all the animals who are raised cruelly and killed in painful ways as well as for our own species's potential to be kind and healthy."

Because you love animals soooooooo much, you have to be rude to humans right?

I could talk about this all day.

I will tell you all again, I am a VEGETARIAN and I am STILL FAT!

Monday, August 24, 2009

PETA's anti-fat "Whale" Campaign

Wow! It has been ages since my last blog.
Last week, I learned about a horrible ad campaign launched by PETA.
It is aimed at fat people.
"Save the Whales. Loose the blubber. Go Vegetarian."


Where to begin?
I bitched about this campaign all week to anyone that would listen.
Even to my Dad (who I never talk "fat" with).

I had this idea to mimic the ad with a picture of my back rolls but I was scared.
I am one of those shy folks :)
While hanging out with my 16 year old sister, I told her the PETA story and my idea and she convinced me to go for it.
What do I have to loose?

We found the smallest bikini possible for $1 at a local thrift shop.
We came home and I squeezed myself into it and met her in the backyard.
"I want to stand in a way that shows off my back fat the best," I told her as I posed. "I want to see rolls!"
After a few shots, we had it!

With a little help from a friend, I made my own take on the disgusting PETA billboard.

You can see a larger view here .

I posted it online Sunday night, August 23, 2009.
The response from my Facebook friends alone was amazing :)

Today, I saw that PETA has removed the hurtful billboard.

I know my image had nothing to do with that but hopefully I have helped someone somehow with my $1 bikini and fat rolls :)

Spread this image around if you want to get the word about about PETA's "whale" campaign.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

WoofWoof & SEW On Dog Collars by BiceDesigns

My little doggie, Mimi, needed a new dog collar.
I looked at the pet store but did not like anything they had so I went to to find something cool and handmade.
I stumbled on this shop and was in love with their stuff!
I adore skulls and Halloween and even though it was December, I had to go with the skull and crossed bones Collar.

BiceDesigns is full of colorful, fun, and unique dog collars!

Another awesome thing about these collars is that the dogs name and your phone number are embroidered right onto the collar.
This is great for curious dogs who might sneak out of your yard!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ad on Myspace

I love this AD!
Buff Guy, Buff Guy, Buff Guy, Buff Guy, Buff Guy, SOMEONE'S DAD, Buff Guy, Buff Guy, Buff Guy.