Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HOT Plus sized Swimwear

Tonight, I saw this shop on Etsy.

I may never have the guts to wear a bikini but if I ever do, I am so grabbing myself one of those Leopard print bikinis.

Look at the awesome stuff this seller has- HOT!

This blog is inspired by this past weekend.
I am a fat girl and every year, I avoid shopping for a bathing suit.
To me, it is probably one of the most depressing items I have to buy- for some reason, plus sized swim wear in stores looks like something Granny would wear on a cruise ship to Mexico with her senior citizen group.
I never walk past a bathing suit rack and see something I like so I just avoid it entirely.

I own 2 swimsuits.
Both are black. (of course)
One I got about 10 years ago online (new) and it is hideous. I hate gold and it has gold clasps.
The other one, I found on a clearance rack in some mall department store about 8 years ago- it has a skirt in front only (????) but it was black and in my size so I decided that I could not be picky.

Which brings me to this past weekend.
Me and my boyfriend went away for the night on a little get-a-way.
Since we live in Southern California, It was not to cold so we went for a night time dip in the jacuzzi.
I had to wear one of the bathing suits.
Now, i felt very self concious in it but he said it was cute and looked like an "old timey bathing suit" which is fine because I adore vintage.
But just once, I want to look drop dead goregeous in my suit!

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