Sunday, December 21, 2008

WoofWoof & SEW On Dog Collars by BiceDesigns

My little doggie, Mimi, needed a new dog collar.
I looked at the pet store but did not like anything they had so I went to to find something cool and handmade.
I stumbled on this shop and was in love with their stuff!
I adore skulls and Halloween and even though it was December, I had to go with the skull and crossed bones Collar.

BiceDesigns is full of colorful, fun, and unique dog collars!

Another awesome thing about these collars is that the dogs name and your phone number are embroidered right onto the collar.
This is great for curious dogs who might sneak out of your yard!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ad on Myspace

I love this AD!
Buff Guy, Buff Guy, Buff Guy, Buff Guy, Buff Guy, SOMEONE'S DAD, Buff Guy, Buff Guy, Buff Guy.

Scam, Bam, Thank you Mam!

I have been selling online for almost 10 years so my red flag goes up pretty easy.
But I had to admit that this latest "scammer" had me going for a few emails.
(Only because I do sell overseas and I do have large orders from time to time).

I have a website. It has a shopping cart. International shipping prices are given.

I recieved an email. A person wanted me to ship to another country using their shipping agent. I said no (red flag raised slightly).

A few days later they emailed me wanting 20 items, 5 of each of 4 styles. All of my pieces are one of a kind. I wrote them explaining that. It seemed almost like they did not read my site.

They write back telling me to charge their 2 cards for all of the items. They gave me to credit card numbers IN EMAIL (not secure) with ALL of the card info. 3 digit secutity code, expiration dates, address, etc. I am baffled, what items? I told them I do not have what they want. (Now my red flag is flying high!)

I call a friend and he tells me to google their name and billing address in quotes. I do and the first site that pops up is

Mr. Pinball's list of scammers!

There is my scammer, right on the list!
I called the credit card company and reported both cards as possible fraud.
The info given on the cards did not match so the fraud department was alerted.

I placed a call to Mr. Pinball (who runs the scammer site) and he was super nice. I just wanted to thank him for posting this list. I now have the site bookmarked.

be careful everyone!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Etsy Seller Smacshop

I saw one of this seller's items on Etsy some time ago and I fell in love.

It was actually the piece shown above that drew me in. The description tells you that the legs are graffitti on a wall. How curious!

I absolutely love the whole forgotten toy aspect of the shop. Some of the images are just sad but lovely all in one which is something I really enjoy in my collections.

This is another seller from my Etsy Wishlist....
I have yet to make a purchase but I am giving this seller an A+ for having a shop that pleases my eyes!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cheap Entertainment!

As a mother, one of my greatest joys is teaching my 2 year old (well, almost 3 year old) about the world.
Sadly, sometimes "field trips" can be costly and with the price of gas what it is today, I try to take her to places that are not only in-expensive but close to home.
That's why The Getty rules!

$8 for parking with FREE ADMISSION!
Free tram ride up the mountain (which my daughter LOVES).
Free tram ride down the mountain (she still loves it!)
Lots of art, a nice garden, and plenty of photos. (These are the things I love to show to Zoe).
There are also a bunch of fountains that Z enjoys.
And for a few bucks, you can get a giant cookie, some bread and butter and hot chocolate.

Aside from all of that good stuff, they have a Children's Discovery Center.
You don't have to have kids to go inside but kids do have fun!

We spent a long time in the room with mirrors.

One of the the sections my daughter loved (and went back to for a second round) was the mask making activity.
crayons, paper masks (which are too large for toddlers faces) and string=good times!

And the paper mask fun is not just for kids- even us lame 28 year old adults found joy in them :)

So if you are in LA and bored one day, drop by the Getty.
Check their website for info on hours and exhibits.

We have not yet gone to the Villa in Malibu because they have hours that do not always work with our schedules but it is on out list!~

The Getty gets an A- in my book.
(The A- is because I HATE HATE HATE their parking structure. It is below ground and the farther down I go, the less I can breathe. The feeling of suffocation is not fun. Everything else there is great!)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It is no secret that Stoopidgerl's Etsy shop makes me drool.
It also makes me feel all kinds of other things... It's like sensory OVERLOAD!
She recently just hit an Etsy milestone- 1000 sales. *insert applause here*

I had a hard time picking just one item to highlight, I just adore so many of her things.
With 220 items to choose from, you will probably have a really hard time picking a faveorite too!

This art piece makes me happy. Price tag is $15.16

Her necklaces are fantastic!
I own two myself and wear them all the time. (pssst. she made me one using one of my creepy dolls images-squeal!)

okay, I will stop blabbering.
Just head to her shop and see for yourself what I mean.
The colors will mesmerize you, The candy might give you a tummy ache, and you will most certainly long to be in Las Vegas!

This girl gets an A+


This is from my Etsy Wishlist....

I saw one of this seller's items on the Etsy homepage a while ago and I fell in love.
Victorian Lady+ Clay+ Bunny=I want!

The bunny shown about is only $30.
A quick look at this seller's shop and I am just totally impressed.
195 items for sale!
Bunnies, Birds, Ladies, dolls (my personal weakness), and more.
These pieces would make GREAT gifts for housewarming parties or just about any occasion.
I wish this seller lots of continued Etsy success.

I give her shop an A+