Friday, June 20, 2008

Etsy Seller Smacshop

I saw one of this seller's items on Etsy some time ago and I fell in love.

It was actually the piece shown above that drew me in. The description tells you that the legs are graffitti on a wall. How curious!

I absolutely love the whole forgotten toy aspect of the shop. Some of the images are just sad but lovely all in one which is something I really enjoy in my collections.

This is another seller from my Etsy Wishlist....
I have yet to make a purchase but I am giving this seller an A+ for having a shop that pleases my eyes!



sMacThoughts said...

Oh you absolutely honor me, Christie! And let me say that me and my little ole shop would be very lucky to have you as a customer. Thank you so much! :D

Kate said...

Hey Christie,

You're right, she's got some great stuff. Love the graffiti legs - wish mine looked that good!

Thanks for featuring her, I enjoyed her shop very much.

Kate (shiborigirl)