Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This is from my Etsy Wishlist....

I saw one of this seller's items on the Etsy homepage a while ago and I fell in love.
Victorian Lady+ Clay+ Bunny=I want!

The bunny shown about is only $30.
A quick look at this seller's shop and I am just totally impressed.
195 items for sale!
Bunnies, Birds, Ladies, dolls (my personal weakness), and more.
These pieces would make GREAT gifts for housewarming parties or just about any occasion.
I wish this seller lots of continued Etsy success.

I give her shop an A+



A Blond And A Torch said...

Great post! I love bunnies!

Metalsgirl said...

Love these funky little statues. I've had them a favorite for a long I just need to buy one!

Janet Campbell said...

Saw your post on Etsy! Good for you! Great blog! I'll be checking back!

Paper Girl Productions said...

This bunny rocks! Welcome to the blogging world!