Monday, August 24, 2009

PETA's anti-fat "Whale" Campaign

Wow! It has been ages since my last blog.
Last week, I learned about a horrible ad campaign launched by PETA.
It is aimed at fat people.
"Save the Whales. Loose the blubber. Go Vegetarian."


Where to begin?
I bitched about this campaign all week to anyone that would listen.
Even to my Dad (who I never talk "fat" with).

I had this idea to mimic the ad with a picture of my back rolls but I was scared.
I am one of those shy folks :)
While hanging out with my 16 year old sister, I told her the PETA story and my idea and she convinced me to go for it.
What do I have to loose?

We found the smallest bikini possible for $1 at a local thrift shop.
We came home and I squeezed myself into it and met her in the backyard.
"I want to stand in a way that shows off my back fat the best," I told her as I posed. "I want to see rolls!"
After a few shots, we had it!

With a little help from a friend, I made my own take on the disgusting PETA billboard.

You can see a larger view here .

I posted it online Sunday night, August 23, 2009.
The response from my Facebook friends alone was amazing :)

Today, I saw that PETA has removed the hurtful billboard.

I know my image had nothing to do with that but hopefully I have helped someone somehow with my $1 bikini and fat rolls :)

Spread this image around if you want to get the word about about PETA's "whale" campaign.



Jennifer said...

Very nice! Good for you for speaking up!!

Donnalda Does Art said...

Now I really don't get PETA, I always thought they were weird before, but wjw. I love your ad.

Anonymous said...

I came here after seeing your post on curvy_exchange and I think it's wonderful. But the new billboard they put up is, in my opinion, even more offensive and stupid than the original.

I turned vegetarian a year ago, and haven't lost any weight. Suck on that PETA.

Nia said...

Good for you! And I think that photo of your back is just lovely!

bastet2329 said...

anonymous- the new billboard is not terrific either but at least they are not resorting to name calling.


Janna said...

you are awesome! great pic of your back too :)

Mia Benton said...

I am totally posting this on my LJ and facebook

nutmeg click said...


(with aplomb!)

eclipse said...

I'm another vegetarian whale!

wtf kind of stupid ass campaign is that, like you can't get fat on carbs??
I hate PETA so much they give veggies a bad name!!

Cyndi said...

PETA is just like every other extreme group. They take it way too far. Not that that is an excuse.

Their campaigning doesn't make me want to go vegen. Their campaign makes me want to devour a nice, juicy steak.

Lucky Pebble said...

Love it. :)

sleepingcatbeads said...

I saw your post on etsy and came over - I love this and good for you! I have been (mostly) veggie for 25+ years and you know what's vegetarian? Ice cream, doritos, and cheese tortellini with pesto topped with more cheese. Oh, and chocolate and cheesecake.

Peta confuses vegetarian with vegan and yes...even vegans can be overweight. Idiots.

Chrissy P. said...

Saw your posts on Etsy. You have a new reader!! Thanks for your courage, you are hilarious & amazing!

Anonymous said...

Amazing job.

BululuStudio said...

Excellent post...good luck with your ad.

Erin said...

Love it!
There's so much to hate about PETA...

Sixsisters said...

You go girl !

Gigi said...

I'm with you! I'm all for the bringing down of mindsets that discriminate against the larger people. I used to be a little twig and hated it. Now I'm slightly overweight and loving it. I'm so confident that I even crack a few jokes now and then at my expense and it doesn't affect me.

Big people are the best, skinny's are insecure and brainwashed :)

greengeekgirl said...

Found this a couple of years late, heh--but this is incredible, you're amazing :D